Cardboard Polly Pocket Dollhouse

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Hi I just decided to do this instructable because I made it ages ago and never did the instructable and all my others were for contests if there's any spelling mistakes its because on auto correct on my iPod like it turned mistakes into mustachios haha!:D

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Step 1: Supply's

Ok it's pretty straight forward all ur gonna need is:a cardboard box(whatever size u want) Glue Ductape(trust me ur gonna need it) Paint (and odviusly a paintbrush) Glitter(optical

Step 2: Simple Step

Cut out strips of cardboard and and/or ductape them to the house then paint see easy!thanks comment for more instructables :Di no the pic for this step is the same as the intro pic but as I said I made ages ago so I don't have the pics of it when I did I just toke a pic of the back of the box which I didn't decorate cos I ran out of paint.thanks for reading!

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