Cardboard Rubber Band Pistol (fun for the Whole Family)




Here is what you will need

Step 1: Getting the Bones

Cut out 2 cardboard pieces with the 90 degree angle(shown in the picture) the longer part needs to be 1 foot and the shorter part 5 inches it should also be 1 inch wide label this "gun shell"

Step 2: Adding the Muscle

Cut out three 11 by 1 inch strips make sure they are all the same label these "barrel" with permanent marker (pencil works to) in the picture one is lopsided but it will work

Step 3: The Grip

Cut out another three cardboard pieces that are 1 inch by 5 inches label these "handle"

Step 4: The Fingers

Lastly cut out 3 cardboard pieces that are 1 inch by three inches label these "trigger"

Step 5: Renforceing

Tape or glue (I recommend hot glue but I only have tape) the "barrel" "handle" and the "trigger" into 3 separate pieces as shown in the picture.Using all of each seperate piece.

Step 6: Attaching 1

Take one of the pieces you labeled "gun shell" and glue the "barrel" cardboard piece to the "gun shell" piece as shown in the picture.Tape will also work.

Step 7: Attaching 2

Take the "handle" cardboard section and glue it to the same "gun barrel" piece as the "barrel" cardboard piece as shown in the picture.Make sure it is leaning off the side by about 1/2 inch

Step 8: Attaching 3 Part 1

This will be slightly different instead of glueing or attaching the "trigger" piece to the "gun shell" take a screw and put it through the "trigger" section as shown in the picture when done remove the screw from the "trigger" put it to the side you will need it for later.

Step 9: Attaching 3 Part 2

using the same screw poke a hole in the "gun shell" with the "barrel" and the "handle" section attached to it as shown in the picture when done remove the screw.

Step 10: Attaching 3 Part 3

Put the "trigger" piece on the "gun shell" piece so the holes overlap as shown in the picture.

Step 11: Attaching 3 Part 4

now WITHOUT ATTACHING THE TRIGGER PIECE THE GUN SHELL take the other "gun shell" piece and put it on top of the first gun shell and the trigger as shown in the picture.

Step 12: Attaching 3 Part 5

Now with the screw poke a hole threw the second "gun shell" so the screw also goes threw the holes in the first gun shell and the trigger as shown in the picture.But this time keep the screw in so it keeps the second gun shell attached.

Step 13: All Done :3

Tape to all together!! (As shown) 
Aim for the eyes ;) now go shoot someone the rubber band goes on the trigger stretch it so it goes in the notch at the end.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, could we see a video of this loaded and firing at something? Pretty please?