Cardboard Box "Mini Amp"





Introduction: Cardboard Box "Mini Amp"

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This Mini amp was made whit a Sony Walkman Cardboard box, the sound is nothing more that a LM386 chip can do alone. it's works pretty well and is very light



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    LOL! Excuses for the poor quality fotos, i had taken em' from my cell fone and it don't work well on incandecent lit places. Some times it's a pain!

    Not all of the pictures I take are prize winners either. Sometimes I use photo editing software to try to boost the light levels a bit on pictures I take that come out really poorly. It doesn't magically make them great pictures, but it helps.

    LOL! i use gimp too but for game making (like backdrops and title screens) but for photos i use fireworks, i know it's not for photo editing but i'm REALLY used to this program.

    anyways thanks for the tip buddy

    You should get into Blender. It seems to be where it is at today. Back when I tried it long ago I couldn't make heads or tails of it myself, but I hear its gotten a lot better since then. I managed to get it to render a sphere in the dark, well I think I did, what I ended up with was darker than your pictures LOL!

    I've done some stuff with POVray but it can be a bit brutal to get it to do much. Whenever I mess with stuff like that I start shopping for a new PC so I'm holding off for now.