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About: We are Necdet and Gizem. Necdet is an industrial product designer. Gizem is a fashion designer. And other members of family are 6 cats. We love all kind of animal. We only hate animal products.

Hello everyone,

We build a castle for our cats. It was easy to assemble but takes a little bit time.

The dimension are height: 150 cm

wide: 80 cm

depth: 60 cm

Materials are;

For structure, we use osb and wood bars. Around 1 plaque of osb and around 4 meter wood bar.

For upholstery, flock fabric ( anti cat scratching) ( around 8 meters)

for the hammock and doors, plush ( around 2-3 meters)

for the upper hammock, a fabric looks like leather.

I recommend the flock fabric for making it durable. Also if they cat climb, they have to follow the road to reach up. (=

for scratching bars, we used around 60 meters rope.

Tools are needed;

Sewing machine

Stamp ( prefer to use electrical or compressor working ) dont use manual stamps for your wrist health.


Hot Glue




also you can use non toxic wood glue.

Step 1: Building the Structure

To build cylinders, 4 mm mdf sliced 3 cm pieces. Quantity depends how
radius you prefer your cylinder. We glued slices of mdf on a regular fabric and to cover the cylinder. But first you have to make a structure for it.

I also recommend to upholster inside of cylinder for safety.

Step 2: Decorating

Making balcony was not easy. I am sorry I dont have any photos structure of balconies but just a circle wood piece and upholstered. Assemble with screws but to make stronger we tied it with rope. Also it fits conceptual (=

We covered doors with plush to hide bad craftmanship.

Step 3:

Step 4: Attaching the Final Floor

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2 years ago

OMG wish I could...


2 years ago

This is one of the nicest cat condos I've ever seen! Definitely favoriting this one to use later! :D

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2 years ago

Oh wife and I have five cats and this or something like this is definitely being built for our furry children! Thank you for the plans and inspirations!

1 reply

2 years ago

This is fantastic! I love the fact that you actually made those cylindrical pillars from scratch - that alone is amazing!

Great work, can't wait to see what you make next :)

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