Cat Resting Nest




Introduction: Cat Resting Nest

You will need:
- 3 buckets
- Rope or string
- A cute bow

Put the 3 buckets together by tying them with rope. Then, tie the bow at the top.

Let your pets rest (:

CD/UFPR - Janaina Contin



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    4 Discussions

    Good, easy and quick to make. Cats love that stuff.
    Can further 'enhance' it by adding two or three holes interconnecting the buckets, large enough for the cat to pass through.
    Add and glue some wood wedges in between to give it a firm surface, and wrap the whole thing with a couple feet of carpet, that'd make it firm to double as a scratcher, and give it some weight to stay in place when the cat uses it.

    That is so cool! I wonder if I could make it bigger (to fit all our kitties!). I would need 6 buckets..... :)

    Looks like your cat likes it!