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In this instructables I will show how I made my mini cat / pet tipi... or teepee. I don't really know which one it is, can someone let me know?

This might be an overly complicated way of going around this but I am very happy with the final result.

For this project you will need;

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Step 1: Cut Shapes, Get Hemmed In

I started off by making a template of the triangle shape. I used several pieces of A3 paper that got stuck together. Then I realised that I should have added a 1.5cm seem allowance in the template, so marked it onto the calico. Calico is an unbleached and unprocessed cotton. It has a nice rustic feel to it which I thought would be perfect for this. It also helps that it was £1.50 a meter.

I marked on the template shape and cut 5 panels to size. I then took some pins and folded over a hem at the top and bottom of the triangle panel. Then took this over to the sewing machine and hemmed the edges.

Step 2: Pockets, Stitching

I needed to make some pole pockets. I wanted them to be 2cm x 7cm and cut 10 of them, this way there would be two pockets on each pole. I then took two of the panels and laid them right sides together. This means that when I stitch them together all the stitches will be on the inside of the tipi. I also laid down the pole pockets on the line, so when I run through the sewing machine they will be stitched onto the fabric.

Step 3: X + Pole

To hold the two doors together I hand stitched an 'X' at the top with some yellow waxed thread. I ended up doing two of these to hold it a bit more secure. I then threaded the pea sticks through the pole pockets and secured them at the top with some twine to keep the rustic look.

Step 4: Final Photos

I hope you liked this. Remember to watch the video to get a good idea of what to do. And if you make your own make sure you share photos with me :D

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    FYI, teepee is plural, meaning more than one. A single one is a tee.

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    I couldn't find anything regarding this. No references huh?


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    Awww, that is too cute!