Cat Treat Push Feeder




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Hi , this is a cat treat push feeder , it means cat have to push the lever by one paw and then eat the treat which is fun and make them busy figuring out how on how to take out the treat.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Drill and Screwdriver


Marker or pen



Wood 3" , 5'' , 7''

Disposable Plastic Bowl

Plastic Bottle Cap

Step 2: Making a Lever

Secure the brackets on 7'' wood piece in the center and make a hole in the 5'' peice from the center side

Drive a bolt from brackets and the wood making it a lever

Step 3: Cutting Out

Put the lever in the plastic container and mark the area from where it can be pull and from where the plastic cup will come out,cut out the plastic by cutter make it big enough so the wood don't stuck with the sides

Step 4: Jointing

when lever inside drive the screws from outside the plastic bowl to secure it ,now it can easily push from outside

Secure the bracket on inside lever just for load so the lever outside is always upside

Step 5: Placing the Feeder

Place the plastic cap over the inside lever and secure it with a screw,put some treats in the cap.

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