Cheap, Good Looking and Easy to Make Helmet!


Introduction: Cheap, Good Looking and Easy to Make Helmet!

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You may have seen my sword instructable. Now you need a helmet. But how! How shall you go down the road of making one! You need help! And here it is! A fantastic new helmet that can be tailor made to suit your head size, and preference to looks as well as being exceptionally strong and able to take a strong blow from my sword! You likey? Lets get buildy!

You will need your squire or self to accuire:
A pencil
A ruler
Sellotape/masking tape
Paint (optional)

Step 1: Making the Shape

Firstly, put the cardboard around your head, wrapping it around reasonably tight and so your nose is not squashed. Remove this and glue/tape it up.

Step 2: Eyes!

Make a mark where your eyes are and cut out eyeholes. Simple, no?

Step 3: The Top

Keep the helmet in the right shape, then draw around it on some cardboard, cut that out and glue or stick it on.

Step 4: Decorations!

Here is where you can really splash out on whatever you want. Use cardboard, string, foil, whatever you want! I made a cardboard cross on the front and made holes in the cardboard where the mouth would be. You can cut slits, cross cutouts, anything for the voice holes. Also, try making a horn or cone shape to put on the top or sides to make a barbarian helm.

Step 5: Paint

I chose not to paint my helm for pure conservation of my paint, but you can if you want. Use metalic colours like silver and gold, and try more than one coat.

Step 6: What Are Your Helmets Like?

Simply post pictures of your helms/helmets. Thats all! Have fun and dont try anything stupid like being hit on the head with a metal pole to test the strength of your helmet.
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    I'd think that cutting a thin "V" near the top on the back or on the sides would give it a slight curve which would look nicer (and more like the real one in step 5) than it's current boxy appearance.

    Also, you(author) should make several complete and decorated helmets so you have more advice to give.

    lol i don't suggest using this in a k'nex war.

    i didn't even look at this but i ended up making a helmet that looked JUST like yours nice job 4.0 stars

    I'm working on duct tape armor and I was looking for a helmet design. So I'm using this as the helmet model. Out of duct tape of course.

    metal is stronger than cardboard but if you are only fighting cardboard weapons i guess it wouldnt be needed