Cheap and Easy, Old to New Ring (with Inlay)


Introduction: Cheap and Easy, Old to New Ring (with Inlay)

Sorry this doesn't have a lot of pictures, but the real purpose of this was to hopefully help inspire other ideas.

Step 1: Prepping the Ring

So I found this old, rather ugly ring a decided to make it look nicer (sorry I didn get a picture of it before I started with it), so to start I dug out the center decorations. I belive it was brass so it came out pretty easily. I tried to make where I wanted the plastic to go as Semitic as possible. I did all this using my Dremel.

Step 2: The Plastic

Originally I was going to melt plastic into my dugout, but the plastic I decided to go with was a hard plastic, and didn't melt easily. Instead I chopped the plastic up into really small pieces and glued them in. These instructables are great for the technic I used

Step 3: Sanding

After every thing was glued nicely I sanded it down until I was happy with it. I went from 120 to 400 to 1500 grit sandpaper, because it was brass this was pretty easy. In my opinion it turned out pretty, and nice, and was way better than how I found it.

Thanks for reading this and if you liked it go check out my other Instructable here



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hey this is a nice ring, it looks way better in person I like the instructable and especially the inlay process. Thanks for referencing some of my instructables also.

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