Painting a Chevron Pattern on Sloped Ceilings/Walls




Introduction: Painting a Chevron Pattern on Sloped Ceilings/Walls

I was looking for inspiration for painting my office/guest room which has sloped ceilings. I found a lot of varying info on whether I should paint the slops the wall colour or ceiling colour and I couldn't find many images of people who'd tried to paint patterns. So I thought I would share my project.

Step 1: Chevron on Sloped Ceiling Walls

These guidelines will apply to any sort of wall. I just couldn't find any examples on a sloped ceiling when I was looking for painting inspiration and wanted to share how my project turned out.

While the chevron is pretty well gridded and square, because of the sloped ceiling, it looks a little twisted from different angles. I don't mind this look but it's something to consider about how it will work for you.

Step 2: Draw Your Grid

You can draw your grid onto the wall in pencil or I used yard and tape so I wouldn't have to use eraser afterwards. The less amount/bigger your squares, the more chevrons you will have. I used a 4x4 grid for my large chevron.

Step 3: Tape Your Lines

Tape from bottom corner to opposite top corner of your square and then vise versa. Keep your tape lines as straight as can be. Use a ruler to double check when you can.

Step 4: To Avoid Your New Colour From Bleeding Under the Tape, Use a Brush and Run Your Main Wall Colour Along Your Tape Lines

I believe this trick really made a difference in my lines and I wish I had learnt it earlier for previous painting projects.

Thanks to Greyson and Sharrah of Love Your Life for sharing this tip in their Chevron tutorial.

Step 5: Paint Time

Paint every other section your new colour. I used tape lines to remind myself where I didn't want to paint.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Love this! Thank you for the tutorial.


    4 years ago

    great project! if you switch the two first photos so you can see the stripes in the thumbnail preview, it might get more views


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you! I could have used an instructable on how to edit/add pictures once posted. More photos are featured in the tutorial now to some steps from when I did my opposing wall and the cover photo has been changed :)