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Introduction: Chindogu Support Brake Pedal

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WARNING:  This is as dangerous as they come.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE AND USE THIS.  It is here only for entertainment purposes... If you can't figure out why, turn in your driver's license.

This is one of those "Now why didn't I think of that?" ideas.  Whenever we get on the highway for a long motor trip, I use the car's cruise control to set our "pace".  As a precaution, I always keep my foot hovering over the brake pedal, "just-in-case".  Studies have shown that when a car is in cruise control, braking response times are much quicker.  This is because the foot only has to move down on the pedal, as opposed to lifting it off the throttle, moving it over and then down again on the brake.

The problem is, after a very short time holding my foot up in front of the brake, it gets very sore and I have to rest it flat on the floor, away from the pedal.  This, of course, defeats the safety aspect of having my foot "at the ready" to punch the brake whenever the idiot in front does something stupid, like swerve and slam on his brakes to miss a cat in the road.

Enter the Chindogu Support Brake Pedal, attached, as in this case, via double sided tape, or for more permanent installations, with heavy duty clamps, directly to the brake pedal.

Now, when I drive with the cruise control on, I can rest my foot against the Chindogu Support Brake Pedal all day without having to use a muscle to support my foot.  If something happens, all I have to do is mash my foot down, and the car comes to a safe stop.



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    I appreciate the ridiculoucity of this thing. It's also gotten me thinking... How could this be made practical?

    Since you seem to drive an automatic, you could put a block where the clutch usually goes. Yes, this might develop a bad driving habit, but if you never drive stick, who cares?

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    Hi Toga-Dan

    That is an excellent suggestion. Racing drivers use left foot breaking, which is more efficient, but in a panic stop, the average driver is more likely to push both feet down, and in this case, push on both the brake and the gas. This is why we are taught to drive with the right foot only.

    I wish this problem could be solved safely, since it is probably an issue with many folks. When I began this instructable, I initially thought a right shoe with a humongous appendage that would support the foot was the funniest way to go on this, but this version was a much easier build and probably easier for people to comprehend.

    I was also considering something analogous to a compound bow mechanism. If you could rest your foot lightly on the pedal without causing the brakes to drag, maybe you could get split second braking necessary for driving 120mph 6 inches from the guy's bumper in front of you.

    While using the footrest are you also "riding the brakes?"

    to rimar2000: I think that chindogu is something that has detrimental effects in excess of the benefit. Am I mistaken?

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    Calambres me pasa a mí también, pero cuando sucede algo, la mente debe responder rápido como un rayo. Sería una lástima que un detenido por una pared que sobresale del pedal de pie.

    Otros deben agregar su opinión. No creo que esto es una buena idea.

    Cramping happens to me also, but when something happens, the mind must respond fast as lightning. It would be a shame to have a foot stopped by a wall that stands out from the pedal.

    Others should add their opinion. I don't think this is a good idea.

    Espero realmente que están bromeando, mi amigo. :) Causaría un peligro. La altura adicional de soporte para el pie bloquearía el pie mueva el acelerador al freno en un pánico de emergencia. También bloquearía el pie hacia el resto del acelerador en una situación de emergencia.

    I really hope you are joking, my friend. :) It would cause a hazard. The additional height of the foot rest would block the foot from moving from the accelerator to the brake in a panic emergency. It would also block the foot from moving from the rest to the accelerator in an emergency as well.

    Espero que todo está bien con usted.

    I think you can get used fastly to something so, without accidents.

    For long trips I have cramping leg muscles sometimes, due to necessity of keep the left foot raised to avoid press the clutch or the brake. The weight of the leg on the heel results in a push the foot forward, and one must counter it a long time.