Classic Under Table Secret Storage

Introduction: Classic Under Table Secret Storage

Hello people. This is a tutorial of how to have secret storage under your table with no one ever suspecting a thing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote if you like it. Thank you all for your support. The picture is how the final looks like. If you cant see all the steps click all steps.

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Step 1: The Container

Get a plastic container. For best security use a wide container instead of a tall one.

Step 2: Put Your Valuables In

Take what you need to hide and put it inside the container. Make sure the valuable isn't too heavy so that the box will fall.

Step 3: Close the Lid

Close the lid properly and make sure it is tightly sealed.

Step 4: Tape

Take a roll of tape. The stronger the better. I prefer Duct Tape.

Step 5: The Table

Find a table which has space below it. Here is an example in the picture.

Step 6: The Taping (Or Screwing)

Tape the book to the bottom of the table. Best if you uses several pieces of tape.


You can screw the lid to the bottom of the table and then pop the container on.

But be careful here because the container may fall.

Or you can use both.

Step 7: TA DA

FINISHED. The final product will look like this.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Clever idea! I was thinking you were going to screw the lid to the underside of the table, then snap the bottom portion to it.

    But tape works! Simple is better sometimes! :)