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Cleaning your room the easy way. As you can see my room is kinduf a mess so I decided to clean follow these steps that I did to help me clean my room.

Step 1: Pick Up Your Cloth

You need to first pick up your clothes. As you can see I am picking up my boxers in this picture. If the clothes you pick up are clean then put them back into your dresser. If the clothes that you pick up are dirty then put them in the laundry.

Step 2: Fix Up All the Thing on Top of Your Dresser

Next you need to fix up all the things your going to put on top of your dresser. As you can see in this picture I put my body sprays and my deodorant on the top of my dresser. I also put on the top of my dresser my mini Hummer car thing, my mini Logans roadhouse bucket thing, my wallet (my wallet is the camo thing in that container thing), my power tour electric guitar amp, my I-Pod, my watch thing, and my VHS video thing.

Step 3: Fixing Up All Your Hats and Things

You can see that in this picture here I organized all my hats, now maybe some people dont have a lot of hats like me, well then just organize something that you have a bunch of it could be tooth brushes, baseball cards, it does not really matter, but I just did my hats because I have a lot of them.

Step 4: Fixing Up Your Tropheys and Things

Next fix up all your tropheys and medals that you earned. I put all my tropheys and medals, and foam finger, and my radio on my big black chest.

Step 5: Fix Up the Rest of Your Knick Knacks

Next put all your other rest of your knick knack things somewhere. I have all my mni football helmets, Metallica skull thing, Metallica bobble head guy, combs, my mini deer thing, my soccer ball piggy bank thing, and my bouncey ball thing on a shelf thing rite above my T.V. (As you can see I have a lot of things in my room).(LOL my cat is sleeping up there).

Step 6: Pick Up All Your Sport Things

Hay look here I found my $250.00 baseball bat. You need to next put your sport things away.

Step 7: Put Your Guitars Away

Put all you Rock Band and Guitar Hero things away (I am going to just guess that most of you have Guitar Hero or Rock Band).

Step 8: Allmost Done Puting Away Blankets and Pillows

Next just throw all your blankets and pillows on your bed.

Step 9: DONE!!!!!

Your now done cleaning your room. Feel free to make your bed, clean out your closet, and dust things off. (Please leave comments).



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    5 years ago

    My room is always a mess.This we'll help me a whole lot


    9 years ago on Step 2

    i have the magic money counting jar toooo

    Legally Blind

    10 years ago on Step 2

    haha, I like how you say "thing" after everything in the 2nd step