Re-inventing a classic clip ...

Ever since the beginning of the industrialisation era, like many other household objects, the clothes pins has suffered from loss of quality in quantity. While this may not qualify for a "global disaster" title, to some of us may matter the lost quality once part of daily life. One of the most iconic forms of clothes pin, the classic wooden "doll" had become an object of art and luxury due to it's rareness and process of production.

The Clipppp was intended to reinvent the classic pin by new means and techniques. One piece of wood with square section is machined on both side with extreme precision to form this bi-polar multipurpose clip. You may use it for your laundry or closing half emptied packs or just as a jacket pin,it matters not, I hope you like it...



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE IT !...
    Pure and simple : I just LOVE it !!! ...
    This is a true design project.

    Of course I vote (ten times if I could !!!...)

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    Salim Mottaghirolfy12

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi... just in case my last reply didn't make it to you. I used clear Beech. I'm currently working on a slight different version in walnut.