Cobra Cruiser Paper Airplane

Introduction: Cobra Cruiser Paper Airplane

this is a very cool plane to both look at and fly. it will fly fast and steady and will glide for a considerable distance. Plus it isn't too hard to make.
all you will need is:
1 sheet of standard A4 paper 
a ruler
a pen (optional)

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Step 1:

 step 1 : First you will need to Valley fold (a valley fold means that the crease of the fold will be slightly lower than the surrounding paper like a valley) the the top edge (one of the short ones) diagonally so that it lines up with the side edge (one of the longer edges).
Step 2: Then crease this fold and unfold it.
Step 4: Repeat this, valley folding the top edge down so that it meets the opposite side then unfold again.
The folds should now resemble a diagonal cross.
Flip the page over for the next step... 

Step 2:

Step 5:  now that the page has been flipped over, you will need to make a valley fold horizontally (from one of the longest sides to the other) that will pass through the point where the two previous folds cross (the x)
Step 6: Then unfold .
It should look like the second photo then.
Now, once again flip the page over for the next step

Step 3:

Step 7: Now that you have flipped the page over, the fold that you just made should be higher than the surrounding paper.
Step 8: pull the two edges of the raised fold together and flat against the lower part of the paper and flatten the top part of the fold down on top (the folds should easily come together).
it should appear to now have two layers ( like the photos). 

Step 4:

Step 9: Next you will need to fold the top left diagonal edge of the top 'layer' along the middle of the plane (like the photo)
Step 10: repeat with the right side.
these folds will resemble a diamond shape

Step 5:

Step 11: Now you must fold the left half of the 'diamond' over onto the right side but don't crease it. 
step 12: now, you will need to fold the top left diagonal edge of the bottom layer along the middle of the plane.
step 13: then, fold the half of the diamond back down on top of the last fold.
step 14: repeat these steps with the other side.  
the edges of the diamond should be in line with the edge of the wings

Step 6:

Now you will need the ruler.
step 15: Repeat step 11 and fold the left halve of the diamond onto the right side.
make a mark with a pen 6 centimeters from the nose of the plane.
now make a line with a ruler from this point to the bottom left wing tip (look at the photo) and make a valley fold along that line 
step 16: like step 13, fold the halve of the diamond back onto the bottom layer of the plane.
Step 17: repeat on the right side
Step 18: the diamond will be visible once again

Step 7:

Step 19: make a mark 8.5 centimeters from the nose in the diamond of the plane.

Step 8:

Step 20: now fold the lower halve of the diamond (the halve furthest from the nose) back onto the upper halve of the diamond. 
Step 21: there should be two small triangle shapes pointing towards the middle of the plane
flatten these so that the side edges (the edges of the triangle furthest from the sides of the plane) are parallel with each other refer to the last photo

Step 9:

Step 22: now fold the plane along the center
Step 23: make a fuselage of around 2 centimeters and fold the wings

Step 10:

Step 24: now make the wing tips about 0.75 centimeters deep at the front and 2 centimeters deep at the back

Step 11:

now you need to test the plane and tweak it.
if the plane dives, gently bend the back edge of the wing upwards or down if it quickly rises and stalls.
if it turns steeply one way, gently bend the back edge of the fuselage (the bit you hold) in the opposite direction 

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