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Introduction: Coconut Zipper Gift Box

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Coconut Zipper is made of real coconut with zipper. You just have to remove the coconut water and meat, stick zipper in the middle of coconut shell.

It is great gift box for eco-friendly products, jewelry, chocolates or you can also use it for keeping chess pieces, dice etc.,

I am using it as jewelry case ;) See! How cool it is!

Step 1: Supplies

Things you will need for making coconut zipper is


Zipper - Longer one (that should fits coconut circumference)

Hot glue.gun

Glue sticks


Hammer/Iron rod


Sand paper

Thread and needle


Bowl for collecting coconut water

Step 2: Drain Coconut Water and Drink It :)

Take coconut, nail , hammer/iron rod and bowl.

Place the nail over one of three black eyes. Hammer the nail to make a hole.

Drain the coconut water completely in bowl. Filter and drink it.

(Coconut water has lot of benefits. It boosts hydration, reduces blood pressure and removes acne)

Step 3: Break It Into Two Even Piece!

It is tricky part, because you should break it evenly in the middle. Here, I used iron rod to break it. Just hit the coconut (in the middle) few times with iron rod. It will break into two piece easily. It is time consuming method, but have to do it very carefully.

Other option for perfect cut:

Mark the coconut in the middle and cut it using hack saw. (If I have hack saw, I will follow this method only)

Step 4: Remove Coconut Meat and Eat It!

Microwave each coconut for couple of minutes. It will be really very hot. Use oven mitton to take out from microwave.

Let them cool for sometime.

Now use spoon/knife to take out the meat. Insert spoon inbetween the coconut shell and meat, and twist & rotate the spoon little by little. For me, its worked on first try itself.

(Since its microwaved, the edges of the coconut meat gets loosen, hence It will come off easily)

You can use the coconut meat for making dip/chutney/butter or you can have it raw.. I love to eat it raw :)

Step 5: Sand Out!

Sand out the coconut shell and rim, until it feels smooth texture.

Step 6: Zipper Time!

Measure the coconut shell circumference with zipper and cut zipper according to the measurement.

Stitch both ends with thread and needle inorder to secure the zipper head.

Step 7: Glue It!

Take one half of coconut shell , stick the zipper inside of it using hot glue. Leave some space for zipper head to open the zip. (Make sure that zipper right side facing out)

Once u glued it on one side. Take other half of coconut shell, unzip the zipper and start applying glue on inner side of shell and stick the zipper.

TADA! its done... Surprise your loved one with gift as well as beautiful GIFT BOX :)

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    22 Discussions

    Very nice and informative :-) I never knew by heating in a microwaves the coconut meat will come out! Thanks for sharing :-)

    1 reply

    Yes, i was wonder that how it came out so easily :) I am glad that you liked it. Thanks shazni :)

    GREAT idea Bhawya!!!! Thank you so much for the tip on removing the meat!! That by itself is a great instructable. The coconut would make a great evening purse oddity...spray paint gold or silver and add a chain or any kind of cord for a shoulder strap and line inside with fabric or leather :)

    1 reply

    yes, ur right.. Paint and leather strap makes it more beautiful..

    Thank you :)

    That's a super idea! My Dad loves coconuts and this is something worth trying! Many thanks Bhawya!

    1 reply

    I have a coconut shell laying around for a while. Woundering what to do with it. Thanks for the great idea.

    You can do this in the oven too if you don't want to kill all the good stuff in the raw coconut from the microwave. Just takes longer is all.

    What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing and do have a nice week!


    Awesome! I never knew that coconut milk removes acne. Maybe now I won't look like such a geek! Thanks for posting this, and nice work.

    Cool instructale!

    I've never known what to do with coconut shells. Thanks for teaching us how to remove the meat too :D

    1 reply