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Here is a simple desktop clock made from a coffee cup and some coffee sleeves.  It even has an alarm to tell you when your next coffee break is.

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Step 1: Materials:

  • Paper coffee cup (cleaned)
  • Coffee cup sleeves -two
  • Floral stem wire
  • Clock (small enough to be hidden behind the base of the coffee cup -the one I used was from travel alarm clock)
You will also need:
  • Glue
  • Pencil, eraser, ruler/measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Clips
  • Pliers

Step 2: Measure Cup

I used a medium cup and made eight evenly spaced marks on the base and on the lip of the cup. I then connected the top and bottom marks with curvy lines, making eight 'petals'. (You can erase the pencil after you cut it in the next step.)

If you want you could make 12 petals and use them to mark the time increments for the clock.

Step 3: Cut Along Each of the Lines.

Step 4: Fold Out Each of the Eight Petals.

Step 5: Make the Wire Stand

I used floral stem wire for part of the clock stand.  Fold the stem wire in half. The clock I used had two holes (for screws) which I fed the wire through.  Fold the wire over to secure it in the holes and twist the two ends of the wire tight around the back of the clock and along the length of the wire.

Step 6: Add the Clock

Find the centre of the clock face and make a hole.  Fit the clock through and add the hands.  You can make marks on the face of the clock for the time increments and/or write the numbers in. (I just chose to leave the face blank)

Step 7: Coffee Sleeve Base

Find the centre (lengthwise) of the two coffee sleeves.  Make a cut on one sleeve halfway up from the bottom. Make a cut halfway down from the top on the other sleeve.  Fit the two sleeves together as seen below.

Step 8: Complete Stand

Fit the wire into the sleeves where they come together and glue in place, use clips to hold it together while it dries.  Make sure that the stand properly supports the weight of the clock (with the battery in it).

Step 9: Finished

If you don't want your clock to be covered in the coffee company logos you can have the inside of the cup in the front (you can even add some colour with paint),  you can also turn the coffee sleeves inside out.

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    wow you should talk to the tim hortons company and show them this and see if they might want to buy your idea or something. i mean i could see this clock on all the tables in all the tim hotons in the world!!! :)

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