Coin Pouch With a Used Cigarette Box




Introduction: Coin Pouch With a Used Cigarette Box

This Coin Pouch has many uses!
This was designed for BikeSurfBerlin a bike sharing system in Berlin!

Things you will need to make this coin pouch:
A used cigarette box
Duct Tape

Exacto Knife or Box Cutters

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Step 1: Step One: Unraveling the Box

1) Completely unfold the cigarette box.
Do this carefully as to not rip any corners or edges.
You can find an edge where the packaging paper ends, this is a good starting point to start unraveling the box.

2) With a pair of scissors, cut off the ends as seen in the second image

Step 2: Step Two: Recreating a Pouch Shape

1) Fold three sides of the box as pictured in the first photo.
I created a rounded edge on the bottom for additional space for the coins and also to give it a less boxy look.

2) Using a pen, trace onto the side flap an outline of the edge of the front side. Do this for both side flaps.

3)The second photo shows the lines you need to trace. Neon green lines need to be cut using scissors.
Dashed black lines SHOULD NOT be cut. They should be folded.

In the third photo:
The dashed black lines represents creases that need to be folded inward
The neon green line is the line you traced in step two that needs to be cut using scissors.

4) Fold the side flaps in first at 90 degree angles. 
Then fold in the front flap on top of the side flaps.
Use duct tape to tape the inside of the newly formed box.
The fourth photo shows the duct tape on the inside.

Step 3: Step Three: Cut the Top Flap and Tape the Bottom

1) Draw with a pen on the top flap, a shape similar to the photo.
The shape just needs to be able to slot into a slit and stay there.

2) Fold over the top flap so you can still see the head of the shape.
Draw onto the Front face of the box, the position of the slit for the top flap to slot and lock into.
Using an exacto knife or a box cutter, cut the slit on the front face that you just marked with a pen.
Be careful not to cut into the bottom face of the box. You can put something like a piece of wood into the box to cut into and stop the knife from cutting through to the bottom of the box.

3) Use duct tape to tape up the bottom of the box.
Cut flaps into the tape so you can fold it over the edges in a clean fashion.
Check photos 3-6 to see how this is done.

Step 4: Step Four: Tape Up the Edges and Slit and Your Finished!

1) Tape the head of the top flap and the slit on the front face to make sure they don't come apart

The photos show you how it closes.

Now you have your own pocket sized coin pouch!
You could decorate it with stickers, paint, markers, more tape, or leave it as is!
If you use clear tape, it will look more like the original box if that's the looks you like.

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