Colourful Wall Mounted Decoration

Introduction: Colourful Wall Mounted Decoration

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A custom colourful decoration idea for shops, schools, children's room etc!

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Step 1: The Idea

A friend of mine, owns a shop with children's clothes and desperately wanted to add colour on its walls. On one of the walls, she had previously painted a tree with birds, hearts, butterflies and flowers on it, so I suggested that we created decorative 3d models inspired directly from this painting.

Step 2: The Design

I chose some of my favourite elements of the tree and designed them on my preferable 3d modeling software, always having in mind that they were going to be printed. I also designed a pair of branches that I later cut via a laser cutter. The aim was to create a composition including elements inspired from the original tree, that stand on the braches, or hung from them.

Step 3: Placing on the Walls

After I printed and cut all the parts I firstly mounted the branches on the walls using a special glue shown in the attached photo and later on I added the elements using a double sided adhesive foam tape. I also used paper tape, to help the branches stick faster on the wall. The paper tapes could be easily removed after three hours, when tha branches were completely stuck on the wall.

Step 4: The Final Decoration

The outcome was very pleasing especially when we saw the children's reactions on the sight of the birds, butterflies and all the colours.

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