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Introduction: Convertible Winter Hat Scarf Hood

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Unable to purchase the hat I wanted at H&M, I decided to make my own. After I gave up on being upset about not being able to buy it, I thought, "hey, at least this way I can customize it to suit my needs". Its basically an improvement on an 'ible I posted in '09. Link below:

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The title pretty much explains what it is: a convertible winter hat scarf hood.

-Sewing Machine/Needle and thread
-Buttons, button kits, or materials for bottle cap buttons
                                                                   -some type of plastic card
                                                                   -bottle caps
                                                                   -scrap cloth/material

Cost: High: $15
            Low: $0

Time: High: 3 hours
            Low: .5 hours

Step 1: Measure Head, Sew a Tube

Pic 1: Measure head, make sure you leave 3-4 inches extra because you want it loose when you wear it as a scarf/hood

Pic 2: Sew

Pic 3: I sewed the excess down(inside the hat) so I wouldn't have flappy pieces and it also looks cool. I used weird colored thread because I was hand sewing everything and thought it would give it a more crafty look

Pic 4: Sew both sides down

Step 2: Make the Bottle Cap Buttons(optional If You Already Have Buttons)

Pic 1: Materials set

Pic 2: Melt holes into the middle of the plastic cards. This can be achieved by heating up the wire with a lighter and poking it through the card, move it in a circular motion to make the hole bigger

Pic 3: Prep the scrap cloth, circular pieces are the best because any corners will be excess after they are folded around the cap

Pic 4: Make a loop with the wire and push it into the hole, cut any excess wire that goes past the card

Pic 5: Fold material over the cap and hold them down inside the cap and then put in the card with wire

Pic 6: It should look like this

Pic 7: I learned that its easiest if you push part of the edge of the cap down and then use the pliers from there going around the cap

Pic 8: Finished button + cat

Pic 9: Finished buttons + cat. I made too many buttons (5) because I had another idea of what I was going to do, but it ended up being okay

Step 3: Adding the Buttons for the Hat Part

Pic 1: Fold up the button to a reasonable level, so the top isn't like super long and doesn't look ridiculous when you wear it as a hat

Pic 2: Add a button on the back

Pic 3: I used a scarf for my material so I had scraps that were perfect for the buttons

Pic 4: Add a the loop, this will keep the cuff together when you wear it as a hat and also the anchor button for the rest of the hat

Pic 5: Button in action, the loop is in the inside of the hat and won't be shown when wearing as a scarf/hood

Step 4: Finishing Off the Hat Mods

Pic 1: Planning where the loops will go. These loops will hold the hat down, also closing the top

Pic 2: Loops finished. When sewing the loops, make sure you put them on the front inside of the hat, that way when they are buttoned, they hold down the back

Pic 3: All loops buttoned. This anchor button has 4 loops attached(the cuff-bottom of hat, top middle, top left, top right

Step 5: Finishing Up

Pic 1: I had all these buttons left, so I figured I'd put them on the front. So that when worn as a scarf the buttons would give it a nice accent

Pic 2: Worn as scarf

Pic 3: Worn as hood

Pic 4: Worn as hat

Step 6: Future Improvements

Future Improvements:

I plan to add pockets for the loops so that when it is worn as a hood/scarf you can tuck the loops in.

Attachable face mask when worn as a hat - for when I bike in cold weather


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