Cookie Cooler Fan

Introduction: Cookie Cooler Fan

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This cooler my bro an I made for my moms birthday you put the cookies on the cooling racks, slide them into the stained wooden frame then you press the button on the top of the electronics box and then the led fan we bought at fries from the computer section turns on for 2 min then turns off on its own. It has 3 speeds. Cost about $20 Time a few hours every day for a week

Step 1: The Electronics Box

All that is it is really a monostable circuit it's fairly simple. Do some research on the subject

Step 2: Wooden Frame

This frame started as two 2/4's then we put a scrap board two connect them and cut a hole for the LED fan

Step 3: The Fan

The fan we bought for about $10-15 and then it came with the adjustment box thingy


Step 4: Done

Enjoy using your fan

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