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Introduction: Crate Coffee Table

About: My name is Andrew and I just really enjoy creating/building things. I love me some Star Wars... and other nerdy things. I also love the Outdoors and anything that deals with being outside.

Ever look on the internet and see pictures of furniture and say, "i think i can build that". well i did that :) i saw this coffee table online and i really liked it if you dont want to go to the link to take a look at it the picture is posted to see what i am imitating. Built this coffee table over the weekend from scratch. Turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. It cost me roughly $50 build.

Tools: hammer, square, table saw, measuring tape, sander. 120 grit sand paper and 220 grit sand paper.

Materials: 1 1/4in finishing nails, 1" in wood screws, wood glue, 1-16inX21/32X8ft board, 4-2ftX2ft 1/4in plywood, wood stain

Step 1: Cuts

Cut the 8ft board into 8 1ft sections. Cut the 2ftx2ft ply into 4inX2ft strips.

Step 2: Making the Crates

Use 2 of the 16inX1ft boards and 9 of the 4inX2ft plus one piece of excess panels when cut from the 2x2 ply (3inX2ft rough estimate).

Use 3 of the panels for each side and 3 plus excess on the bottom. When doing the bottoms make sure you have enough spacing to slide a piece of ply in between then to close the square hole in the middle.

Step 3: Piecing the Crates Together

Lay the crates on the side and dry fit them together to make them fit evenly. When it looks good use the 1in wood screw to connect them together. Screw 3 crates together and measure the area in the middle to fill. Then cut a piece of ply to fit inside and wood glue it. Then screw the last crate in place.

Now sand it and stain it. I used a antique walnut with polyurethane already in it. I put two coats on it (well i let my wife stain it so technically she put two coats on it :P)

Step 4: Accessorize

I filled the square with a vase with flowers and rocks. Also put some baskets underneath for storage. Hope you enjoyed this instructable :)

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What are the dimensions on the individual crates? I'm making it with a different type of wood and can't exactly match all of the measurements.

I've been wanting to do this forever lol
Pretty good job there ILOVEITTT

I figure it you wear them, you own them (at least for the purposes of this instructable).

I have the same. For some inexplicable reason I paid Cdn$0.79 for them. They are, by the way, bubble gum coloured, not pink! LOL!

I Absolutely LOVEEEEE this idea!!! In fact I am going to do it for my play pen style of sofa, It's huge so it needs to have a nice large coffee table such as this and to have space to store items is only a bonus to it all. Thank you so very much!! Totally voted for ya!!

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Thank you very much for the vote!!!! I'm so glad you like this coffee table. I hope your table make you as happy as mine does for me :)

Really nice actually. Been looking to buy a new, square coffee table but now I think I am going to make this! Nicer than anything I have seen for sale :)

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I was in your same boat, it only took 2 hours to build so it's not very time consuming :) good luck!!!