Creative Uses for Daily Items to Store Things




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Whether you are out of storage space, or money; this instructable will show some super-creative ways to store things. And the best part- you don't require any materials for it; because all you need for this instructable are everyday items you'll easily find at your house.

The couple of next slides will show these different ways, and believe me- its all pretty easy.So best of luck- and feel free to comment your ideas or feedback.

Step 1: Clothes Hangers- Hang Necklaces and Keep Your Scarves Together in One Place!

Clothe hanger is one of the most common household objects. And it has a variety of uses, too.

Have less space in your jewelry box? Hand your necklaces and chains on a clothes hanger. Its useful as you can hang many neck pieces on a single hanger.

Also reduce the space occupies by the numerous scarves and mufflers in your wadrobe by tying all of them together on a single hanger.

Step 2: Kitchen Grater- Hang Earrings!

Never lose an earring by hanging your pairs on an old grater. You can also consider storing things inside the grater.

Step 3: Shopping Bags As Newspaper Holders

Another reason to shop more? Maybe yes, as I give you a creative use for shopping bags. hang/sick them on the wall and use them to store receipts or newspapers. In fact, you should make it a newspaper hanger and hang it outside your house so that the newspaper vendor can directly put newspapers into this newspaper holder.

Step 4: Railings or Rods- Hang Your Heels

Almost every house has a railing- curtain rods, grills or simple railings. Now get a good use for them- use them to hang your heels and protect them for scruffing.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    These are good tips, thanks for sharing! The vintage grater as an earring holder looks really cool!