Crescent Campfire Cheese Dogs




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4 Hot Dogs

1 Cheese slice cut into 10 strips {This thin makes them easier to stuff}

1 Can Crescent Dinner Rolls {Separated into 4 Rectangles}

Toppings: Whatever you want {Optional}

Servings: 4

Prep: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 13-15 Minutes

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Step 1:

With a knife slit the hot dogs down the center {long way} stopping about ¾” from the ends and with a spoon remove some of the hot dog from within the slits scraping a small pocket and stuff 2 cheese strips into the hollowed slits. I have found that you do not have to remove much and hollowing out the dogs makes it easier to stuff the cheese.

Step 2:

Separate the crescent dinner rolls into 4 rectangles and place them on your work space and place your hot dog {cheese side down} on one of the edges and sprinkle the topping of your choice on your dough next to the hot dog and then roll the rectangle around each cheese stuffed hot dogs.

Step 3:

I suggest using a foil bag for this recipe, the crescent roll fluff up better. {How to Make a Foil Pouch and Foil Bag} Spray the inside of the foil bag with non-stick spray of your choice, and then place your Campfire Crescent Cheese Dog inside and seal. Remember to mark on the package with is in side.

Step 4:

When it is time to cook your Campfire Crescent Cheese Dogs place them on the edge of the fire and cook for 13-15 minutes. Turning the bags 180° every 2-3 minutes. As soon as you start to smell the crescent rolls it is done. You do not want to place them directly into or on top of the fire because there is a very and I mean very good chance the rolls will burn. The embers/coals should be hot but not hot. In the picture I am using the middle burner only and have the hot dogs on either side. This is a good one to try at home first.

Warning: Any food coming out of the fire or off the grill will be hot when you go to remove your food from the fire be sure to use something other than your bare hands to retrieve your meals like pot holders, a tea towel or tongs.

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    7 months ago

    Instructions unclear. House is on fire. Considering lawsuit because fire was hot.


    3 years ago

    I make these all the time and never thought to remove some of the meat! Brilliant and I'll be doing this. Probably later today because it just sounds/looks so good. Thanks for sharing!