Crochet Cat Toy

Introduction: Crochet Cat Toy

Cat Toy

Not my usual thing but lately my cat has been attacking my yarn, so I made her a toy to take her thoughts away from my yarn and my laptop cord(she unplugged my laptop once) or other electronics. I have these small little random balls that I can not use for anything else so was like hey I should make a cat toy with them the cat doesn't care what color it is. It is a simple corkscrew with a toy at the end if you want. Sorry if the pattern is a bit vague...


Yarn any I used my small balls that can’t really use for anything else.

Crochet hook (That works with your yarn)

Stuffing (If you make a toy to have on the end)


Chain – ch

Single crochet – sc

magic ring – mr

Step 1: Main Toy

Main corkscrew

-Ch around 100 or more (till it is the length you want it.)

-Sc 2 or 3 in each chain

Handle (So you can hang it from a door or to just make it easier to hold)

-Ch around 30 (P.S you are still connected to the corkscrew){depends on the hook you might want to do less}

-sc down

FO and stitch the handle closed tying off all your ends.

Now you can leave it like this or make something to hand on the end to entice your cat more, mine loves it just like this but I made a fish and ball.

Step 2: Toys


-6 sc in mr

-inc around

-’sc, inc’ around

-sc around

-repeat the round twice

-’sc, dec’ around

*stuff, or maybe your cat likes cat nip you could put some in it*

-dec around


1: 6 sc in mr

2: inc around

3-7 sc around


8: dec around

9: inc around

10-11: sc around

12: sc the stitches together to close the tail, using the yarn tail you can tighten the area between the body and tail so that its sharper(I do not think that is the right word)

These are purely for aesthetics so you really don't need them and my cat could care less, she enjoys the toys but seems to like it better without them. But I hope if you made this that your cat likes it. =^.^=

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