Cute Bow

Introduction: Cute Bow

This is my first instructable so yeah! I'm going to be teaching you how to make this adorable bow

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Step 1: Materials

You will need ribbon of any color and size, scissors, a hot glue gun which can be substituted with glue of any kind preferably fabric glue or you can sew. You will also need a button which is optional and you can use a headband or a clip what ever you would like :) oh and a lighter

Step 2: Ribbon

Cut ribbon as long as you want and as many as you want into equal sizes

Step 3: Lighter

Burn the tips of the ribbons so that they don't become all fizzy if you know what I mean

Step 4: Lighter

It should look like this once you put fire to it

Step 5: Lets Get Started

Now measure the middle of the ribbon, you could use a ruler but I just folded each piece in half and marked the area :)

Step 6: Arrangement

Arrange the ribbon like this if you have more it will look different make sure you glue them

Step 7: Oh!I See the Flower!

Now this is hard to explain but put a glue dot in the middle and fold each "petal"

Step 8: Wow!

Now as you can tell the middle looks a bit messy now here's your chance to put the button there remember it's totally optional

Step 9: Cute

This is what it looks like with a button now you can attach it to a headband or a clip I'm using a headband

Step 10:

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