Cute Party Bag

Introduction: Cute Party Bag

Cut Party Bag 

Step 1: Materials

Origami paper/scrap strips
Adhesive and fabric glue
Paper Cutter
Design cutting scissor
Hole Punch
Hole guard
Colourful satin ribbons

Step 2: Colourful Paper Strips

Take various colourful origami paper scrap strips of same size

Step 3:

Take three colourful strips of same size and fold carefully as shown in the picture

Step 4:

Please follow the folding pattern as per the strips shown

Step 5:

Apply adhesive gum on the edges of the strips as shown

Step 6:

The strips on reverse side shall look like the picture

Step 7:

The reverse side of the folded and stuck strips

Step 8:

Observe and fold the centre and end portion as shown by dotted line 

Step 9:

After folding apply adhesive gum as shown in picture and fix it.

Step 10:

The fixed portion shall look as this picture.

Step 11:

Mark the edges on green paper as shown by pencil and cut.

Step 12:

First form crease as shown and cut the upper part only as shown in next picture.

Step 13:

Step 13 action shall look as per figure of step 14

Step 14:

Form firm crease of the white portion and apply adhesive gum as shown and fix it.

Step 15:

Measure and leave 1/4th space on both sides and make holes with the Hole punch. Stick hole guards. Two front and two at the back.

Step 16:

Select matching satin ribbon (or fancy threads) and make handle for the bag and fix it with fabric glue.

Step 17:

And the cute party bag is ready for presenting gift . The size of paper strips used for this bag is 38 cm  x 9 cm each(three strips). The bag size made out of this is 13.5 cm x 19 cm. Ribbon used for the handle is 30 cm long(two handle strips).

Step 18: Other Designs

Same colour paper with designer decoration on the bag by using fancy design cutting scissor.

Step 19: Other Designs

Some other variations in pattern and design.

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    This is a great tutorial! I love the fact that you have different colors in the bag. It makes the bags unique. It seems like many steps but I know it's easy to do and I hope to make these bags with my kiddos someday!

    Thanks for sharing!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing and do have a happy spring.



    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for appreciating and same to you . :D