Introduction: DEER HUNTER PRANK!

About: I have a blast creating things, inventing things and pulling pranks. Getting a nose full of sawdust is very satisfying! Retired Carpenter and Construction Superintendent for the University of Illinois.

Sure to get their blood pressure up!

Step 1: Pretty Obvious...cut a Deer Hoof Into the End of a 2x4, Cut It Off at an Angle and Glue and Screw to Another 2x4.

Step 2: Screw Old Shoes to the 2x4s. I Added a 1x4 and Rope on the Back Because My Ankles Got Tired Quickly.

Step 3: Tromp Around in Soft Mud to Drive the Hunters Crazy! a 600 Lb. MONSTER BUCK!



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    You are an evil man, my kinda guy. Thanks, I have to go build some. Got a hunting club to prank.

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    Ha ha, good for you! I am thinking about building Cougar Boots next! Hee hee!

    Update. Found some cow legs. Am going to make them longer like ski poles. Am looking at my neighbors goats for droppings. Another neighbor has a concrete deer in his barn. Let the evil begin. Will send photos if I can.

    Yes, or if you could even fashion them into wooden stilts, so your weight will push them deeper, like a 1000 lb. buck! You should get a video of it and post it on Youtube.