DIY Aquarium




This will teach you how to make an aquarium without any live fish.

Step 1- Get the materials. 
          Plastic Wrap
          A fish bowl, clean
          Paper, printer (color ink not required), and a computer with internet 

Step 2- Get the fish
          Google search for "Coloring pages _________" and fill in the blank with anything you want: Kraken, Mermaids, Sunken Ship, or even Scuba Divers. Of course, you can always just do plain and easy, like Clown fish, Angel Fish, Starfish, Crabs, etc.

Step 3- COLOR!!
          Save the images, print out, color, and cut out the fish. Make sure you do not print out images straight from the internet because they may be quite large, too large for your fish bowl. 

Step 4- Wrap in plastic wrap
           Place about half your colored and/or cut out fish on a piece of plastic wrap. Fold the wrap over the fish. Place the other half of the fish on the folded wrap and fold again. Flip over the wrap and make sure all your fish are the way you want them. 

Step 5- Place the wrap in the bowl
           Carefully, as the wrap will stick to glass, place the plastic wrap in the bowl. Press it against one side. If you would like, you can repeat this tutorial until all of your sides of the bowl are covered with fish. If not, simply stuff the excess space in the bowl with more plastic wrap until it is mostly full. Then, place anywhere you would like, and enjoy! :)




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    4 years ago on Introduction

    i think thats the only good use for a fish bowl that small anyway