Hi everyone! On this video I will show you two ways to make your own cream blush.

Other cream blush diys I've seen are usually made with wax or Vaseline which can clog your pores so it isn't recommended to use on the skin if you tend to break out. My option is to use your everyday lotion which is better for the skin. It's also a great way to create your own blushes without spending any money. I will also show you how to make this cool container out of a water bottle if you don't have a small container to store your blush

For the first  DIY you will need: a small container, any cream or moisturizer  of your choice and some blush.

The first thing you need to do is Scrape the blush with a toothpick so the loose powder falls in the container.
Then add some cream and start mixing the two ingredients together. Keep adding more cream and blush until you get the pigmentation you want. Of course the more cream you add the more moisturizer it will be, and the more blush you add the more pigmented it will be. And that's basically it! It's super simple.

If you don't have a small container you can make your own one recycling a water bottle.

You will need: a bottle and a second lid of the same bottle.

To make this container you will need to cut the bottle here, but it's really difficult and dangerous to cut it directly, so first start cutting the bottle on the centre which is a lot easier and start cutting upwards until you get the top part. Then add some strong glue to the neck and fit the other lid on it as I'm doing in the video.
And there you have a perfect container for your cream blush or  lip balm.

For the second cream blush idea you will need: a lipstick, a container, and your cream.

For this DIy you will need to cut apiece of your lipstick and put it in the container. Then melt it in the microwave at low heat for 10-20 seconds. Add your cream and mix it until everything is well blended.
As you see this idea is also very simple and perfect for recycling old lipsticks.

Now I will tell you a couple of things that I have noticed making these cream blushes:

The first thing is that These cream blushes give a dewier finish than regular powder blushes.
The second thing is that with the first technique I got a more orange tone than the original, so expect some color changing.
And last, the consistency that you will get is more liquid than using Vaseline but the result is very pigmented so you just need a very few amount when applying it.

Finally, here are some swatches of the blushes that I made.

I hope you like the video and have fun making your own cream blushes and creating your own blush shades.
Thanks for watching!!



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3 years ago

Great video!!! Thanks so much!


3 years ago on Introduction

I absolutly ADORE ur page and I think this is so easy to make in such short time!! The container was so helpful thxsm!!! I really appriciate all ur DIYS that u make and show us!


4 years ago on Introduction

OMG! thanks so much for telling how to make a container. I make lip glosses and lipsticks ALMOST EVERY DAY! thanks again! ily OwO

1 reply

4 years ago

the container is brilliant! for years i have been melting/mixing leftover lipstick.. it never occurred to me to make my own creme blush! Now that i am older i prefer the creme over the powder.. this is so cost efficient too! thanks!!!

1 reply

4 years ago

Great video. Enjoyed watching it.


4 years ago

Thank you! Ill have to try this! ;)