DIY Candle Holder




Introduction: DIY Candle Holder

This is a rustic style homemade candle holder. Simple supplies are used with cost efficiency in mind. It is also recommended that a flameless candle is used because of the wood involved and also because flameless candles last a lot longer than a traditional candle.

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Step 1: Step 1: Supplies

Supplies needed are as follows:

1 Flameless Candle
1 Tube E6000 All Purpose Glue
1 Candle Holder, size and shape of your own choice
1 Trash bag to protect the surface you will be crafting on
A number of small twigs varying in size for uniqueness and style. 

Step 2: Side 1

For the first side, keep in mind to use varying sizes in twigs so it doesn't look too clean and organized. Simply put a small strip of the E6000 glue on a twig and secure it onto the candle holder, laying on its side. Place the twigs very close to each other so a very small amount of glass is showing, if any.

Step 3: Side 2

When you fill the first side, allow 5-10 minutes for the glue to dry. Once you can tell that the twigs are set on each side, rotate the candle holder to expose the empty adjacent side. Repeat the steps of applying a strip of glue to the twigs then pressing them onto the glass.

Step 4: Sides 3-4

Continue to use the E6000 glue to glue the twigs to sides 3 and 4. Allow ample time for the side to dry before moving on to the next. Also, I recommend using the thinnest twigs you have as "fillers" to cover p the exposed glass when you complete a side.

Step 5: Completed Flameless Candle

Once all the glue has dried, sit your candle holder upright. Locate the flameless candle and insert it in the newly made candle holder to enjoy a stylish candle with flame-free scents.

Note: A cube shaped candle holder was used in this project but other shapes will work just as well. Also, it isn't necessary to use a flameless candle, a standard wick candle will work perfectly, but increases the risk of fire. 

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    5 years ago

    very cool idea. starting to plan wedding and attempting crafty deco for it.