DIY Decor Hanger




Introduction: DIY Decor Hanger

This DIY started when I found this old wooden window in the attic. It's from the 50's and used to be in my bathroom.
One day I was cleaning and the minute I saw it I knew I had to do something with it. What to do came later in the process. It started as a jewellery organizer and came to be what it is - nothing like it ?

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Step 1: Repair the Frame and Removal of Old Paint

The frame was pretty beaten. Needed a lot of work.
Firsts I remove the glass. That part was easy because it was all ready partially coming of. Then using a hot gun I removed the old paint. There were at least 6 coats of oil paint and... you know what I mean. After that it needed gluing. The joints in one of the sides were falling appart. When the glue dried I used wood filler to fill all the damage and sanded it smooth.

Step 2: Base Board

For the base I used a MDF I had left. The good thing about it is that it doesn't need any pre paint work. All you do is cut to size, sand a little bit the edges and paint if you want to.

Step 3: Paint and Hardware

This step is... paint of course. Everything. I used a simple plastic picture frame that has some nice ornaments and a wooden tray I had from something. I don't remember from where. I also bought some decorations from the art store. The paint is acril. It's very easy to work with, dries fast and has a nice satin finish. I used a painter's brush #2. I love how easy it is to apply the paint with it. And it uses less paint to cover the arias. The black is chalk board paint. If you don't want to bue it - make it. Some plaster will do the trick. There is a recepie online. That's how I did it.
After the paint dried I glued the decore clock and the ornaments in the box. Distressed the window and the picture frames and stained the window with some walnut water based stain. On top of everything I used transparent acrylic matt finish.
On the bottom I installed 5 furniture knobs. One is made of glass, three are ceramic and one is metal. They're so cute. Love them.
It took some time to figure out how to attach the picture frame to the baseboard so that it could be removable. Finaly I decided to use the staples in the lowest tension. The staples didn't go all the way in and acted as support for the small hooks of the picture frame. And now we can change the picture a whenever we like.

Step 4: Finish

Finally it's time to hang it. I used two wall mounting hardwares for cabinets to support the weight of the hanger.
It's a lot of fun to leave messages to my kids. And they use it to hang their backpacks after school.

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    4 years ago

    I'm glad you like it ?


    4 years ago

    Nice job. looks very rustic and vintage which is riiiight up my alley