DIY Fruit Picker

Introduction: DIY Fruit Picker

About: Hi there! I'm a guy from India. My branch is IT, but I love electronics too! I am not a professional photographer, nor an FL Studio geek. But I love both of them!

This is a DIY Fruit picker. it is easy to make, and is a whole LOT efficient! Don't believe me? Make and test yourself!

For this, you'll require :

1. A bag (prefer a cloth bag)

2. A long wooden stick

3. Some thread

4. Some rope

5. A sickle

6. A badminton racket (yes, you've seen it correctly!)

Note : I took the badminton racket because the threading was broken. And it served a good purpose of bag attachment !

Step 1: Working

Hey, I know, this is not a building step, but this will help you understand the operation of the mod!

We put(capture) the fruit in the bag and pull the stick. The sickle cuts the stem from the tree as we pull the stick. The sickle should be sharp and spiky so that the stem is cut easily.

After the stem is cut, the fruit falls into the bag, and it is safe. No injuries to it.

Note : Its bearing capacity is max 2 fruits(having size of mangoes). Do Not Overload

Step 2: Assembling

Before assembling, Make sure the following things are present.

* The wooden stick is dense and strong

* The net of the badminton racket is not present

* The thread and rope have good strength

* The bag must have good durability. Prefer a cloth bag.

--Now Let’s Begin Assembling--

1. Attach the bag to the badminton racket, such that as the fruit falls, the bag must hold it properly. The bag is to be properly wound on the racket. Use thread to do this.

2. Attach the sickle with the stick with rope.

3. Attach the racket and bag combo to the stick and sickle combo, such that the oval part of the racket is exactly below the sickle. For this, the racket must be tilted (view cover image).

4. Tie the assembly with rope. Make sure no joint is loose. And now, your assembly is ready to test.

Step 3: Done!

I see! You’re talking about the bag with spots right?

That’s because I tried and tested it first on many mangoes (and I tell you, all of them were delicious! :-P )

As we have seen the working in Step 2, try and test it. It is a simple design , and should work properly

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks very useful. Thanks for sharing this!