DIY Glass Dry Erase Board




Introduction: DIY Glass Dry Erase Board

Whiteboards can cost a fortune. Here is an inexpensive and extremely elegant looking Dry Erase white board for your home or office, only about 15 bucks!

Super easy installation! Only 1 tool needed, a screwdriver!


Step 1: Secure Your Materials

Basic Materials needed for this project are a piece of replacement windows glass, we bought 30"x36" from Home Depot. We also bought a basic mirror mounting kit, grand total for materials was 15 dollars and change. We chose to double the work space, so we bought two of everything.

Step 2: Tools Needed

The only tool you really need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver, but it is also nice to have a measuring tape, drill and matching drill bit. It will also be helpful to have another person around to help out with all the measuring, or "eye-balling"

Step 3: Installation

Mark out an area the size of your piece of glass. After marking the space, measure in from the top and bottom edges 3" and make marks, these will be the marks for your mounting Mollys.

Using your Screwdriver or drill, make holes where you have marked and insert Mollys.

Step 4: Mount and Enjoy

Mount mirror hardware on the bottom two Mollys, and rest the glass on them.

Once glass is in place, secure the other top two pieces of mirror glass hardware to hold the glass in place on the wall.

Step back and ENJOY! These were the two we installed today, much cheaper and much more elegant than a store bought whiteboard!

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Is there any way to make the edges less sharp? I just bought the glass, and sliced my hand, just taking it out of the packaging. I love the look of it, but am afraid that if anyway brushes the edge of it, they'll get cut. Thanks for any advice!

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oh no! Yes, that's problematic.

In stained glasswork, we actually file those shards off cut glass edges.

Do it carefully, wear gloves and eye protection, and make sure to support the majority of the glass on a table (on top of a towel, so you don't scratch it) so you don't snap it by applying an accidental fulcrum point. Use a medium-fine grit sanding sponge to eliminate the sharpest parts from any edge that wasn't cut perfectly square.

Then try wrapping the edges in a foil tape - there's copper tape used for stained glass work (available at craft stores), or aluminum tape used for duct work (available in home improvement or HVAC stores). Google "wrapping glass edges in foil tape" . Once you do this, I'm sure it will bring you to all sorts of other ideas to solder or add brass channel - or else just cover over that with a more attractive color of gaffer tape or washi tape. Hope you haven't been cut to pieces since then!

Good idea but too dangerous unless you use tempered glass which is much more expensive!

Great idea - I have an office full of people that use standard whiteboards and would like something better, I just don't have thousands to outfit every conference room with the glass ones. I'm going to give this a shot. One question: Molly's typically require a hole that's larger than than a screw. At least the way I've installed them in the past, the hole would be larger than the mirror hardware shown in the picture. How did you get the clean look and hide the drilling?

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Great question, although i sited molly's to be used, we used "screw anchors" which when installed are flush with the wall, white and paintable. #6 screw anchors should work just fine. Good Luck!

i would think that using a plexi-glass sheet instead of glass, and adhering it to the wall with 3m command strips would work great!

Just done this! Great idea. I painted a black frame on mine. It's on the back side of the glass so it won't get scratched. Looks unique and creative. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice! Great idea painting the border on the back. These are my favorite glass boards, , I LOVE all the bright colors!!!

I think you could get a similar effect by painting the back of the glass, like you did the border. I know there is glass specific paint, but I've only found it in small quantities (8oz) so far. They even have some that are frosted, which might look really cool!

What type of paint did you use and has it maintained it's good looks over the past 6months? Thanks for sharing!

wow that looks great!! Love the border. And cod see doing that to go with the kitchen decor, glad to see somebody making use of this!

I got away with mine for $7.50 the glass at home depot was $6 and the pack of hangers was $1.50. I already had the paint and masking tape. Thanks again for sharing your idea. It's the little things that makes life fun and interesting.

My friend in the glass business suggested using tempered glass for safety. It is available from scrapped thermal panes that lost their seal.

Also, an erasable marker can remove permanent marker. Just scribble over the permanent marker, wait until it dries, and erase. You might have to repeat.

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Good call on the tempered glass. That is what the whiteboard manufacturer's use...typically about 1/4" thick.

You can actually use permanent, like Sharpie erases great with little alcohol on a rag. Water will work as well, but requires a little more rubbing.

Love it. My daughter wants one for Christmas and you are right - they cost a fortune. I am using this idea and will have it up for when she returns. Yay. Thank you ever soooo much and may you have a glorious day. Thank you for sharing.

Rubbing alcohol will remove even permanent ink!! Try it.

It's a kind of bolt that has a piece that expands after you put it through the wall in order to keep the bolt from pulling back through.

Suzanne in Orting, WA

They r sold as one piece the metal anchor & machine screw already in it whereas a regular wall anchor is usually plastic and sold with screws not inside them. So a little different. Also the way they "anchor" is somewhat different. I think the molly might be suited for heavier loads.