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Introduction: DIY Lightbox

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While shopping at a craft store we saw a lightbox on sale with interchangeable letters. We considered buying it but didn't have a place to put it. While we were building a new desk for Steph's office, we realized a custom lightbox would be perfect above her desk!

check out the floating desk build here

Step 1: Find Materials

Steph's old desk broke so she took it apart and kept the parts. We realized this metal frame was perfect to make the lightbox. We also wanted to hang her computer speakers on either side and there is an empty channel in the metal where her speaker cable can travel through.

Step 2: Let There Be Light!

We found a set of LED strip lights on amazon and a white acrylic light panel at home depot. We attached the lights, cut the acrylic panel to size for the front and back and duct taped it all together.

Step 3: Print Letter

We printed our letters on clear window decals and attached them to the lightbox.

Step 4: Enjoy the Lightbox!

We had a piece of wood with a ledge on it from an old bed frame. We used this to hang the lightbox on the wall. We used Sugru glue to keep it in place.

To see more and how we made the speaker stands check out!

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