DIY Linux Fish (Ornament/Trinket)





Introduction: DIY Linux Fish (Ornament/Trinket)

This is a tutorial making your own Linux Fish, as seen on Think Geek. It's perfect for the Linux fan on your list, and can also be easily made into a geeky Christmas tree ornament. I made this because my brother is a big Linux fan and I was in need of a sweet Christmas present.

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Step 1: Get Your Supplies & Heat Up Your Iron

For this project, you will need:
~A Spool of Solder
~A Soldering Iron
~Needle nose pliers to bend the solder into shape
~A Dremel, sander, or sandpaper

Heat up the iron and get ready to go!

Step 2: Bend and Solder the Basic Fish Shape

We want this part to look like the original Linux fish made by Think Geek, so use the pic as a template and start.

You want to have a continuous source of heat on the point of the connection until the solder is liquid. This makes for a stronger connection, but watch your hands because it gets HOT.

Step 3: Add LINUX and the Fin

Now, make your letters with the needle nose pliers so as to accent the curves and bends. Make sure to do a test fit before taking the time to solder them in!

Next, add your letters to the fish. I did the soldering job on the back so as to keep the front nice and tidy.

Step 4: Finish!

Bust out your Dremel and sand those pointy parts down! Then you're good to go.

This makes a great tree ornament also, so add some red or green string and tie it on the fin. Now you have a perfect gift for the Linux fan on your list!



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    10 Discussions

    Although your welding/artistic skills could be a lot better...a's still a cool concept.I'd use a template of some sort next time to make everything neater/less wobbly.

    Nice! Very simple to make! Anybody who likes Linux anyway has a bunch of soldering items lying somewhere, so this instructable is for the perfect geek I'd try printing out a template first then bend the solder thingy based on it. Try not to solder on the template tho, remember paper is flammable..

    Now, you just have to figure out a way to convert those normal car fish into Linux fish. Think about that, booting Linux on a car fish!

    2 replies

    That's alot of solder, perhaps I'll do something like this later with old wire coat hangers... there's always a bunch of those lying around :)

    1 reply

    11 years ago

    I politely disagree with HamO. He probably plays cards with Gates.


    11 years ago

    Your LINUX fish is backwards (sdrawkcab). The X should be at the head of the fish.