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Learn how to make these really cute paper stars! Quick and easy when you get a hang of it. Suits family crafting as well! :)

Items required:

  • A4 Coloured paper
  • Scissor or Paper cutter

Step 1: Watch This Video Instruction! :)

This is a video instruction I made for this project! :)

Step 2: Cuting the Paper

Start of by cutting the "short" side of the paper (22cm long one), and cut 1cm wide stripes. Make a lot of different colours or patterned stripes. If you wish to make wish stars or write things inside the stars you can do that now as well!

A quick and easy step! :)

Step 3: Fold

Make a loose knot on the paper, do not bend any corners/sides yet! Try to get the knot as close to one side of the stripe as possible.

Then press/flatten one of the five sides and start to tighten the remaining loose/round sides. Try to make all corners as sharp and without any gap between the paper layers as possible.

The remaining short piece of paper needs to be folded over the base. Do always fold the paper over the base edges and not over itself. (Hard to explain, watch the video to see what I meant if it was unclear). Do the same thing with the long stripe. The paper should fold the right way automatic. Do also make sure that the paper folds along the sides and not across the middle.

When you can not fold one more fold insert the remaining piece of paper under the triangle on the base (se picture marked with red).

Step 4: Shaping the Star

Now you should have a base that looks like this! To make a star simply grab your base as shown in the picture, squeeze the corners and at the same time push against the middle. The base sides should pop out on both sides and make a "body" that will make the star thick.

Form the star slightly and your done!

Please post a picture in the comments if you have made it! I would love to see your creations! :D

Step 5: Results

Watch this video to see some result shoots in the beginning of the video tutorial! :)
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Thanks for your time and happy crafting!



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3 years ago

I read about this a long time ago and had the idea that they would make a nice centerpiece: in a paper bowl, of course. I made my bowl too big and ran out of steam before I could even fill the paper box I made. Maybe I'll get back to this someday.

Note: The paper flap will come undone if the star is handled too often. I imagine some glue would fix that.

1 reply

3 years ago

May be you could fill a bottle with the stars.. I saw my friend made this as birthday gift for my teacher. Nice and sweet gift I think.

1 reply

3 years ago

Can you make these much bigger? I have seen many small ones, but am yet to come across any larger than yours.

1 reply
Victor Doespunkgirl

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Try using the paper for presents. (gift wrap?). Using the same proportions but make them bigger!