DIY Metal Treble Clef

Introduction: DIY Metal Treble Clef

Step 1: Get the Wires

Can use any color

Step 2: Cut

Cut about 8 inches of wire

Step 3: Make a Twisted Bottom

Recommend using a little pliers

Step 4: Go Two Inches Up and Bend Down

Step 5: Twist to the Left

Step 6: Start to Twirl It Into the Shape of the Treble Clef

Step 7: Finished!

You can make it into earrings, and ornament, or anything you want!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Made the Treble Clef using your very easy to follow instructions. It came out beautifully - Thank You!


    6 years ago

    Great job! I made a few to use as gifts.