DIY Pine Tree ,Easy and Beautiful Tree




Tree stick,used straws, matchsticks, glue gun, brown & black color,cement, lacquer , piece of cloth , artificial leaves( pine /juniper / Christmas tree leaves ).

Step 1: Selection of Tree Stick for Required Shape

First i select a tree stick and cut it into required shape ,the branches on stem is not enough so i take few used straws for making more branches.Now stick it on stem with the hep of glue gun

Step 2: Use Matchstick to Better Shae

Now take few matchsticks ,(you can use cotton buds also ) and attached them on tree stem .Mark spots on straw to looks like tree part .

Step 3: Attached Artificial Leaves

Take brown & black water or acrylic color ,and paint the stick. Spray lacquer on dry stick . Now I take few( pine/ juniper /Christmas tree leaves) artificial leaves from old bucket . stick one by one leaf on each branch with glue gun.

Step 4: Cone Making

you can use any type of cotton cloth & fold it like a cone shape ,now bind it with thread .mark spots on cone like real shape .paint cone with water or acrylic color & secure the color by using lacquer.

Step 5: Few Final Pics

use mixture of water and cement & fix it in pot. DIY pine tree is ready for room decoration,you can also decorate tiny beautiful bulbs if you choose Christmas leaves.



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