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Hello to everyone.At first I would like to tell everyone that this is my first instructable so if I make any mistakes,please excuse me.

So what made me to build this project and post it on instructables? I wanted to have a small heat source for my lab for many kinds of uses like to warm my hands in the winter,use a lot of heat shrinks without having to light many matches or punch and cut out slots in plastic by heating knifes.I didn't want to use any gas like LPG(LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS) , propane or any other similar gas, or should i just say it ,"my parents didn't allow it!"never the less I went around searching on the internet.There were many varieties and types of option but there wasn't anyone which was something like I had in my mind.So I went ahead and made my own stove.The first idea which came to my mind of the ideal stove had the following features:

  1. Spill Proof
  2. Not Too Hot To Touch While Burning
  3. A Stand To Keep Things On/Cook Something
  4. Compatible With Various Fuels Such As Camphor,Alcohol,Olive and Vegetable oil
  5. Cool looking
  6. With Extra Space On The Side To Keep Extra Fuel

Why I wanted to post this tutorial on instrucatable is that while I had the idea in my mind, I saw the Burnt It!contest Sponsored By DREMEL and I thought that I might have a chance .If you like my instructable, PLEASE DON'T BE HESITANT AND VOTE ME FOR THE Burnt It!contest Sponsored By DREMEL.

Enough talk,Now lets get building :)

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  • beer can (aluminium) preferrably bigger one
  • tin can with diameter slightly bigger thsn the beer can
  • some plaster of paris
  • Some sand
  • water
  • a bucket to mix the p.o.p.
  • Block of wood(heavy)
  • some toothpicks
  • sharpie and other stationery
  • some steel screws


  • drill machine with a small bit
  • screwdriver
  • metal file
  • hacksaw/something to cut the can
  • thumbpin

Step 2: (BUILDING:Cutting and Drilling)

Start by emptying out the beer
can completely. After you have done that clean out the can. Take a sharpie and keep it on a raised surface. Take the can and place it on the tip of the pen .Start to rotate the pen in order to make a clean and even line for cutting the base out. Rotate the can and mark another line. This will create two equal pieces and a scrap piece in the middle. Cut out the two pieces and keep them aside.

After you have cut the can, get onto the tin. Take the sharpie and keep it 1cm below the height you kept before in order to make some part of the can stand out. Then mark a line on the tin and cut that part out with the base. I just used my angle grinder to cut this one out.

Then mark two holes probably 1.5'' apart from each other in the base of the can and drill them out. Then keep the can on the wooden block and mark the corresponding holes of the tin can on the wooden block. Go ahead and drill these out. After you’ve drill the two holes, take your steel screws and tighten them into place securing the tin can to the wood block.

Take the top piece of the can and using a tin opener and remove the top portion (from where you drink the beer) from the can. Now take this top piece and start drilling a bunch of holes on it sides in order to create a stove flame effect and distribute the heat evenly.

After completing this step you should have a base piece with a tin can attached to it and two pieces one for the top (the one with the holes) and the other bottom piece of the can.

Step 3: (BUILDING:Making the Fire Proof Mixture)

After you have completed step 2, take the bottom piece of the beer can and place it in the centre of the bigger tin can which is attached to the base. When you find the position you are satisfied with start to prepare your moulding mixture. I didn’t go with any fixed proportions I just added plaster of Paris and sand in a 1:1 ratio. This was my fireproofing mixture. I mixed this in a small container and started to add little water. I just eyeballed it and made to a consistency of cake batter which I think was just about right and worked out pretty well. Pour this batter into the tin can with the smaller can in the miiddle. Add little bit of weight to the smaller can I just poured some water so that the buoyant force of the mixture doesn’t push the can out of its place. After you have done that let the can sit for while until our mixture hardens. After about 2 hours my mixture was pretty firm. I went ahead and added toothpick in the middle in order to give the fire proof mixture some structural support. Wait for another day and you should have your base stove ready.

Step 4: (BUILDING:Attaching the Top Peice)

After the completion of step 3(and I assume the mixture is firm and dried completely), take a pair of scissors or tin snips and snip those remaining pieces of toothpick coming out. We don’t need those unless you think their cool looking.

Then take the top piece of the beer can in which you previously drilled some holes and carefully place it inside of the bottom piece of the beer can. Go ahead jitter it a bit and the fit should be very snug so you don’t need any screws to hold it in its place.

Now you should have with yourself a stove that has a heavy base hence spill proof, a small pot where you can put alcohol, camphor, or vegetable oil and a small heater that will warm your hands !

Step 5: (Finishing and Modifications)

Yes! I have successfully completedmy first instructable! Thumbs Up!

Now you have a stove with you .You can do whatever you want with it. I think that in the future I might put some kind of support to keep things one, etch a pcb with the stoves name on it and probably place a small beside to it to keep some extra fuel and matches.

That's it for this instructable, see you next time :)

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