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Introduction: DIY Space Rings

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In this 'ible, I will show you how to make space based rings out of random stuff from your very own house. This is a quick and easy project that results in some pretty cool rings.

Materials Needed:

- Cardstock paper

- Super glue

- Modge Podge

- Nail file

- Paint brush

Step 1: Print the Graphics

Pick out your graphics, one for the outside of the ring and one for the inside of the ring.

Step 2: Super Glue Time!

Glue the inside graphic of the ring, facing inwards. Roll plain paper around the ring, glueing as you go. Stop at the desired thickness. This rolling technique creates the body of the ring. Then, glue the outside graphic onto the ring.

Step 3: Sand, Sand, and Sand

Sand the edges of the ring flat. You want to make it as smooth as possible. You can use super fine sand paper or a nail file.

Step 4: A Little Modge, a Little Podge!

Paint the ring in Modge Podge. I painted about 3 coats of it and then let it dry. Now, take a step back and observe its shininess.

Step 5: Glamour Shots

These rings literally took up an hour of my time. They are quick, easy, and AWESOME! If you liked this 'ible, please vote for it in the space contest!



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    I also don't understand this. Is the cardstock rolled up? Around what? How many layers? Or is it what you print the image on? I wish you had detailed these steps.



    How could one not like these. Cool!!!