DIY Turbine Spray Bottle




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We have an extremly hot summer in my place so i had to figure out something which can cool us down.

Here comes the result :)

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Step 1: Watch the Video!!!

In this video i show you the most important steps of the making!

Step 2: #1

Sprinkle with water yourself is a good idea in a hot summer day but how can we improve the effectiveness?

Step 3: #2

I bought 3 little hand fans for 5$! for all :)

The idea was to positioning those like shown on the picture to the top of the fan.

Step 4: #3

The most difficult part was to figure out how can i attach those together.

I searched for what everybody can find at home so i decided to use straws. I cut those to fit to the length of the fans.

I made a lot :)

Step 5: #4

I tried to make the connections curved so those fit nicely to the fans.

I used a hot glue gun but if you don't have i think you can use every kind of glue which sticks to plastic.

But investing to a hot glue gun is not a big investment so i suggest to do it ;)

Step 6: #5

Here starts the assembling parts.

I took the hot glue gun and glued the straw connections to the center fan.

Step 7: #6

When the glue strengthened I attached the side fans.

Be carefull and positioning well watch out for the switches!

Step 8: #7

I got a simple detergent bottle and cut out the shown shape.

Make this method twelve times. When i cut all of it i glued those together with super glue and made a flat stand for the fans.

Step 9: #8

I used the hot glue gun again and sticked the plastic shape to the top of the spray.

Step 10: #9

Here comes the critic part!

I glued the flattened spray to the center fan. I watched for keep it straight! It's so important!!!

Step 11: #10

I wanted to make the center connection be stronger so i added some more straws and glue. Now it holds well.

Step 12: The End

So this is the ready to use DIY blowing spray bottle!!!

The hole thing costs me 8$ the premade versions in my country nearly costs 25$! So this a cheap alternative to cool yourself down on a hot summer day! This is very usably!!!

We use it quite offen ;)

If you get interested in this project and make your own please give me a picture about the result and give a feedback about your experiences :)

Thanks for your attention!

That's the ShiftyCoolingWay ;)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    can you make one that automatically sprays when wind passes from the device much like a turbine?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a fun project to do with kids and very practical application of useful device. You got my vote in every catogorie. Thank you for this instructable.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    :) :)

    i can't wait to my son get big enough to play with this!!

    thanks for your kindness


    Reply 4 years ago

    sorry that was fault

    Thanks a lot :)