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Introduction: DIY: Varsity Cardigan

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I was inspired by the many varsity cardigans that I have been seeing online lately. Also, I currently into geek fashion.

So I though of that plain, boring (and cheap) cardigan that has been lying in a lonely corner of my wardrobe, and decided to make varsity cardigan out of it!

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Step 1: Materials

1. Plain cardigan
2. Ribbon
3. Iron-on patches (you can use either numbers or letter!)

Note: The colours of the ribbon and the iron-on patches should be similar and complementary to the colour of your cardigan :)

Step 2: Prepare

Get your cardigan and make sure it's clean.

Prepare your materials.

Step 3: Cut

Cut your ribbon according to the diameter of the sleeves and pin them in position. You can position them according to your own liking, but I think it looks the best when it is placed near the armhole. You can also make 3 stripes instead of 2!

Step 4: Fold

Fold the ribbon inwards to create a neat joint. I positioned the joint at the same place where the seam of the sleeves is for a neat finish.

Step 5: Sew OR Glue

Sew the ribbon along its 2 sides. I used black thread because my iron-on patches have black borders as well.
Stick the ribbon in place using Heat N Bond! I wished I had some... but it's all right because the sewing actually gave the stripes an added effect as well. So it's really up to you.

Step 6: Iron On

Iron on the numbers/letters of the OTHER side of the cardigan. Hang your varsity cardigan up and admire it.


Important note: The cardigan that I used had a loose fit, so the sleeves don't really stretch much when I am wearing it. If you are using a fitted cardigan, I advise that you use a stretchy ribbon because the ribbon limits the extent where the sleeves can stretch!  

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