DIY Customizable Agenda + Easy Organizing Tips!!

Introduction: DIY Customizable Agenda + Easy Organizing Tips!!

Today I'm going to show you how to personalize your agendas for this new year.

Agendas like this are usually a bit expensive in the stores but they are really easy to make them yourself and personalize them the way you want.

First you're going to need  an ugly agenda from a dollar store and take the cover out.
Then you're going to need some scrapbook paper, you can get it from any craft store or you can Google cute pattern and print it yourself.

As I'm doing in the video you will need to glue the agenda to the paper with some regular white glue. Press firmly so there aren't any bubbles.

Cut the excess paper the same way I'm doing in the video and glue it to the inner part of the cover. Do the same thing to the back.

As you see you will end up with some leftover paper at the center part so we are just going to cut it out carefully.

To make it last longer we are going to mix two part of white glue with one part of water and with a brush we're going to cover the whole cover and back of the agenda. This will add some shine and make it look more professional.

After letting it dry for a couple of hours we're going to decorate the agenda attaching some ribbon to the spine with some stronger glue, and also sticking some rhinestone. At this part be creative and add as many decorative elements as you want. Of course you don't have to do it the same way I'm doing in the video.

To make the elastic band closure, we are going to cut at the back part of the agenda two little cuts of the same width, and thread an elastic band through this cuts. Then I sew the two ends of the elastic band together but you can also staple them. And that way the agenda will be finished!

Organizing tips:

My first tip for having an organized agenda is to color code it! There are tone of ways to color code, for example by homework, tests, work and social life. This tip will really help to read what you have to do faster. If you don't want to write in different colors you can also use highlighters.

My second tip is to cross out everything you have already done or write a tick next to it. This will bring out a sense of achievement That will keep you motivated.
If something is really urgent you can write it in red capital letters so it stands out more and gives that sense of urgency.

If there are things you need to do everyday write them down on a sticky note, like random things like drinking water. You can pass this notes from day to day and they will help to keep you motivated.

There are always some pages at the end of agendas to write down telephone numbers, pretty useless nowadays that we have Smartphones, so you can use those to write down list of things you need to remember, like the things you need to carry to the swimming pool. this will help you to make sure that you don't forget anything.

You can also write your shopping list so you don't forget anything you need to buy and also to make sure you don't overbuy.

That was everything! I hope you like this idea! Make sure to try it and get creative!
In the video you can find another example of a mini agenda I made last year.

Thanks for watching!!

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