DIY Geocache

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Do you like geocacheing? If so, then I've got the instructible for you. Here's an easy way to build your own supper simple and and fun geocache to use. Any small container will work for this it just has to have a cap and be water resistant, unless your going to put it in the bottom of a lake in which case it will need to be water proof, there's an interesting idea scuba geocacheing. I hope you enjoy my instructible.

Step 1:

You will only need a couple of things to make this and those are:
  • A container
  • some camo duct tape
  • And a pair of scissors¬†

Step 2:

Take the tape and wrap It horizontally unroll the whole thing is covered.

Step 3:

To finish up put some tape on the cap, and your done.

If you made this yourself then I want to see it, leave a photo in the comments below. For all my followers I say thank you for the support. Thanks for viewing this instructable, thank you.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    cool idea. I'm a beginner, and I'm thinking about hiding a few