Deadpool Hand and Wireless Pistol Hot Glue Gun

Introduction: Deadpool Hand and Wireless Pistol Hot Glue Gun

Inspiration for this Stupid Thing

One of the top comic book movies this year was Deadpool and what better way to celebrate the “Merc with a Mouth.” After seeing this Deadpool head tool caddy, I decided to make my own functional Deadpool inspired prop.

I settled on a desktop figure that looks like Deadpool’s severed arm holding a pistol, but functions as a working hot glue gun. I will be starting with a cordless hot glue gun that I got a while back and base and working from there.

Tools and Materials I Used

a cordless high-temp hot glue

red gloves

black biking or tactical fingerless gloves

paper towels

paper clips

a threaded rod

scrap pvc pipe



hot glue

wood putty

paint (black, silver metallic, red, light tan)

maximum effort

chimichangas for fuel

a hello kitty backpack

a stuffed unicorn

probably some other stuff I forgot to put on this list...Good Luck!

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Step 1: The Severed Hand

The process:

I bought some red gloves for $1. I cut off the wrist end of the gloves so they would fray, imitating a knife slashing through them. I added black fingerless bicycling gloves, imitating Mr. Pool's signature look. Then I stuffed the gloves with crumpled up paper towels. I cut a small piece of scrap pvc pipe and roughed it up with sandpaper. This was supposed to look like a bit of arm bone jutting out from the glove. I stuffed the pvc into the middle of the glove, leaving some of it sticking out the wrist area with a bunch of extra paper towels.

I coated the exposed paper towels in hot glue. The texture of the hot glue. when painted, looks like fresh blood and such. I filled the inside of the pvc pipe with hot glue as well. I painted all of this to look like flakey skin and sticky red innards.

Step 2: The Stand

I removed the glue gun from it's charging base. I painted the base black and glued gravel to the base to give it a unique texture and feel. I drilled a small hole near the charging area which will come in handy in the next step.

Step 3: Supporting the Hand

In order to keep the hand posed and sticking into the air at an interesting angle, I cut and bent a piece of threaded rod, and put it inside the hand from the pinky to the wrist. The pinky end of the rod sticks into the previously drilled hole in the base, keeping the wrist end suspended.

To give the fingers greater pose-ability, I straightened out some paper clips and fed them into the glove. This helped the fingers and thumb keep shape even when the glue gun isn't in the stand.

Step 4: From Glue Gun to Gun Gun

I then made a cardboard shell of a gun to encase the existing glue gun. I traced the glue gun onto a piece of cardboard, drew up a design of the profile I wanted the gun to have. The design I ended up with is a blend of realistic and futuristic pistol types since the proportions of the glue gun made a realistic pistol shape nearly impossible. I cut out the cardboard shell and attached it with hot glue, adding embellishments to the top. I filled in some of the corrugated cardboard corners and joints with wood putty. I painted it black and silver and added a "DP" embellishment.

Note that I left the bottom of the original handle sticking out so that it will fit properly into the base. I also had to cut/sand some parts off the stand so that it would still fit down in there in some spots where the new cardboard casing got in the way.

Step 5: All Together Now...

I ended up with a working HOT GLUE PISTOL and a neat desk prop for my workshop just weird enough to make DeadPool proud.

If you make one be sure to let me know in the comments or just let me know what you think!

Stay Weird!

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    Anirudh Ralhan
    Anirudh Ralhan

    3 years ago


    Deadpool would be really proud of you ;)