Decorative Window Draft Reducer From Recycled Plastic Bags




Introduction: Decorative Window Draft Reducer From Recycled Plastic Bags

This is a tutorial on how to assemble a window cover made from recycled plastic grocery store bags.

Step 1: Gather Needed Materials

For this intractable you will need:

1. Various plastic bags, including bags of varying thickness and color

2. Aluminum Foil

3. Iron

4. Hot glue gun

5. Rice

6. Pen and Paper

7. Measuring tape

8. A smudge of creative spirit

Step 2: Measure Your Window

Today we will make a cover for the lower half of a tall window.

Be sure to measure the area of the glass, and the area of the sill.

Step 3: Use the Perimeter Measurement of the Glass to Make the Inside Braid

Take each plastic bag and cut it into thirds.

Loop the ends together, and then cut a small notch in the end of the bottom of one side, then thread the remaining inside piece through this notch.

Make enough of these pieces to braid a rope long enough to cover the perimeter of the window glass, as well as another braid for the top of the sill.

This interior braid allows for air to become trapped between the plastic and the glass, which will insulate the window.

Once you have made enough braided rope, lay it flat on the ground in the shape of the window.

Step 4: Create the Plastic Sheet

Take the various bags, turn them inside out, and place between the dull surface of two sheets of aluminum foil. Iron the plastic quickly.

Wait for a moment for the plastic to cool, peel the sheet carefully from the foil.

Iron enough bags to create a surface larger than your window and the sill that surrounds it.

Step 5: Decide Your Design

Now that you have ironed the plastic, you can use the specific color and shapes to create any design that you like.

It helps to lay out the plastic within the rope to see what you are creating.

Step 6: Use Your Iron to "quilt" the Pieces Together.

Please sections of your design together, add another layer of plastic on one side, and fuse the pieces together.

Working in sections will allow for you to correct, or change the design as needed.

This is where a hot glue gun comes in handy, if you have to transfer sections that are made of lots of pieces, glue them together a bit first.

****If you use glue, and then iron the pieces together, the glue will be VERY HOT, exercise caution*****

Step 7: Fuse Sections and Rope

Once you have assembled all of the sections and the rope use a hot glue gun to glue the perimeter to the sheet.

Be sure to keep rope in a straight line to ensure a good seal against the window.

Step 8: Add a Top, Bottom and Border

Extend the design above and below the glass area.

The top piece needs to reach over the sill. Fuse the last piece of rope to the very top.

The bottom is where you will add rice to weigh down the plastic to ensure that the window is insulated.

Step 9: Weigh the Bottom Border

The bottom border should reach all the way to the bottom of the window, and have an inch or two of additional material. Fold this additional material to the back to create a pocket. Hot glue the sides.

Add rice to the pocket, and hot glue the fold closed.

Step 10: Add a Hole for the Window Lock

At the top of the sheet between the inner and outer braids, cut a hole where the window lock will go through.

Step 11: Add the Outer Border

To ensure that the window pane is insulated, add a border on the outside edge of your design.

This border needs to be affixed to the edges of the plastic on the surface that will face inside the home.

Cut the edges of the border as needed to fit the sheet in the window

Step 12: Hang the Cover

Hang the cover up, using the top most braid to loop over the window lock.

Stuff the braid against the upper part of the window.

This will seal the crack and support the cover.

Step 13: Enjoy!

This window covering will let some light through, while providing a visual design, and keep drafts out.

Step 14:

Step 15: Additional Instructions for Braids

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