Diy Gaming Headset

Introduction: Diy Gaming Headset

Hello,i just wanted to share my diy gaming headset i made.

it was very cheap.

made it for only 25 dolar

and man it sound better than any $150+ gaming headsets.


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Step 1: Stuffs You Need.

the headphones are a samson sr850 open back.

you find the leather version around $20 with some luck.

it have some amazing sound for the price.

the micro i added is a lav mic.

it is a very small mic you clip to your shirt collar.

it cost around 1$ and will sound better than most gaming mic.

and i just jouned the cables with some electric tape.

nothing complicated.

note :do not worry the mic does not pick the open back headphone sound

Step 2: Additional Stuffs .

here some aditional stuffs.

you can upgrade the pads with velour ones.

it will cost only around $4.

and if you want to use it on a console you will need an adapter for it.

if you realy want dolby atmos virtual surround sound you can buy it in the playstore but it come free with games like overwatch.

have fun!

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