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Introduction: Doll Closet Made From Recycled Items

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Does your child have a growing collection of clothes for his/hers dolls?  I have the perfect closet made from things you probably already have laying around.

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Step 1: Supplies Needed

Scissors or utility knife
Soda pop tabs or washers
Paint Brushes
Pipe Cleaners (at least 8 for closet)  extra for hangers
Wire cutter
Glue, Scrapbook paper, decorations (optional)

Step 2: Prepare the Box

First prepare your box for use.  You will need to remove all the stickers and shiny shipping tape.  Then you will want to tape the box back with a non-shiny tape, like masking tape, painters tape or gaff tape.

Cut off the top and bottom flap on the box.  This will leave two doors.
Take one of the pieces you just cut off and add it to the inside of the box if necessary.  Mine had a gap, so I filled it with this piece to make it look nicer.

Step 3: Paint or Decorate However You Like

Time to get creative.  You can just paint it a plain color or you can get all fancy with scrapbook papers and stickers.  I just did a simple blue, because that is what my daughter wanted.

Step 4: Add Hook and Latch

Find the front center of the two doors where you want the latch to go.  Punch a hole about an inch from the edge of the door on each side.  One hole for the latch and one for the hook.
Now take a pipe cleaner and fold it in half and twist it to make the two halves twisted together, this will make it stronger.
Take the Hook and fold it in half to form a loop large enough for your latch to go into.  Push the straight end through the hole on the right door.  Attach the hook to one of the soda can tabs and twist it once or twice, then lay the two pieces flat against the inside of the box. 
For the Latch you will again fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist to make it stronger.  Then push it through the hole in the door on the left.  Now measure how long it needs to be to fit into your hook loop.  Bend it where needed and secure the back with a soda can tab.

Step 5: Add Closet Bars

First decide where you want your bars.  I decided to have one for shirts and one for dresses.  Her dolls are pretty small so it worked with this box.  You can have just one bar too.

Punch a hole with the tips of the scissors by twisting the scissors and pushing.  Now take two pipe cleaners per bar and twist them together to make a stronger bar.
Push the ends through one or the holes from the outside and then through the hole to the other side.  Secure both ends with soda can tabs.  You can use washers if you don't have any tabs.
I did this so that you could twist the two tabs and tighten the bar if it gets saggy.

Step 6: Bonus: Hangers

Do you need some hangers.  Here is a quick easy way to make some.  They are nice because they can be squished to fit into sleeves and pants won't slide off them.

First take a pipe cleaner.  These are the craft size ones.
Draw yourself a template for the hanger size you need.  I needed some really little ones.
Now, start with the neck, go down about 1/2 inch and bend, then follow your pattern all the way around bending when needed.
When you get back to the neck fold the pipe cleaner in half, back on itself, leaving about 1 1/2 inches, just enough to make your hook.  This may take some practice to get it just right.  Twist the folded pipe back on itself the whole length of the hook, this will make the hook strong.
Now just shape your hook and you have a hanger.

Step 7: Finished Project!

There you have it!  A nice closet for all your doll clothes.

Hope you enjoy making one for yourself or your kids.

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