Downsizing Your Space

Introduction: Downsizing Your Space

I am pretty much showing you how do downsize and manage your space so you use less space and energy. A few simple thing you can do and it shouldn't cost too much money.

The total cost for my project was FREE

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Step 1: The Space

We are redesigning a space in order to use less space. First off i do not own very many things to begin with, This will make things very easy for me. you can try getting rid of junk you truly don't need

We are going to start with my studio. What I am going to do is move my studio to the other side of my room and move my bed along with a few other things over to that corner. I am redesigning my apartment so I can fit everything into the studio and still keep the room acoustically sound.

Step 2: The Main Corner

What I did here was move my desk along with all of my studio gear over to the new corner. Now I took a piece of pine wood I had laying around and placed it ontop of my studio monitors/computer monitors making sure it fit nicely, we don’t want any vibration. I use that as extra space to fit some of my books and lp’s along with my printer and few binders. I put my dresser right next to my turntables separating them with the case to my turntables. I have my tea and coffee machine on that dresser leaving me with lots of room to store things. with a little cleaning and modification I can use that as a small dining table. i have my drawing board hidden under the dresser.

Step 3: The Old Corner

Now over on this corner I put my bed. My left studio monitor is aiming towards the corner where my bed is and the fabric from my bed is absorbing the sound which is great. the right studio monitor is going into the kitchen bouncing around and being diffused. This gives me decent acoustic treatment and still allows me to live in such a a small place.

Step 4: Free Space

I now have an empty space in my apartment about 100sq feet along with an empty closet. I can either rent it out on the cheap cutting my rent costs down a bit or do something else with it, either way i am not using it.

now i am getting a free laptop to replace my desktop. this should save me 450 watt hours of power. i should be able to run my entire apartment on 600 watt hours, once moved into something like a tumbleweed house or boat it can be powered by a wind turbine :D

I went from using 340sqft to using 226sqft. By simply rearranging your space and using the volume properly you can save space, hell even make some money...

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Love this idea! The less clutter + organization of recording gear= positive
    creative energy. There have been times when I've felt either crammed by
    my own space, or unmotivated to just jam to some tunes because I had
    acquired too much gear and stacking them all in one area (music gear,
    AND computer gear and parts)... after a while it becomes a clutter of
    stuff I never get around to using. So, I either give away most of my
    scavenged computer parts or sell some of my unused music gear in order
    to free up more space in my room. It's also helped me to stop splurging
    money on music gear in the long run (as in, buying gear for the sake of shopping for it. lol)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I like this. I have never thought about "downsizing" my space, but it makes sence to do it.